Marsh Chiropractic Healing Srvices - Serving God and mankind through Chiropractic
Lucinda Ann Marsh, D.C. 
 8165 Rt 957 Sugar Grove, Pa 16350

Marsh Chiropractic has been serving the rural communities of Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York in a relaxed "country practice" setting with solid, philosophy-based chiropractic care for the past 24 years.     

 Chiropractic care is for all ages       
We offer chiropractic care to people of all ages from    infants to the elderly - our youngest patient to date was 2 minutes old and our oldest, 103.  As long as you have a spine, we believe chiropractic care can help life flow through your body and express itself more optimally, no matter what the condition or cause.      

 Chiropractic Techniques      
 We make use of traditional chiropractic adjusting as well as a new low-force method for removing any interferences in the flow of nerve impulses through the body's incredible communication system.     

 No Appointments Needed (or taken)         
Our office takes walk-ins anytime during the following business hours - patients just come and put their name on the list and we go down the list,
                Monday 1 - 6, Tuesday 11 - 6, Thursday 11 - 5
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